Marketing experience to promote the application and export of Indian homeopathy treatments and cures to Germany

Content outline of my talk in the International Hahnemann Zentrum, Torgau, given on 16th April 2018 to a delegation of physicians from India :

Dear ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests, I have the honour to adress you.
My name is Georg von Nessler . I was raised in 3 cultures, studied economics and art history specialising in preservation of national build heritage.

I have set up the following agenda:

1. disclose a donation – being the original revised 3. Edition of the „Organon of the healing art“ a original print of 1824

‎2. Share with you my personal experience
‎2. 1. in curative arts, medicine, here analogies in the emerging of acupuncture and homeopathy, a analogue setting.

2. 2. My personal experience – in emerging „art“ – here the analogy to the paradicmic change in energy generation, from atomic power to renewables.

3. I want to support and promote with my worldwide marketing experience, I was lucky to aquire, the exchange and indirect export of Indian curative knowledge and treatments in homeopathy.