Contribution – guest post by Douglas Graham.

[ GvN ] In my opinion, Douglas Grahams contribution is an excellent drilldown about what’s going on not only in the USA, but sadly in many countries in the world :

[ Douglas Graham ] „Anyone who can’t see the step-by-step parallels between Hitler and Trump by now is woefully ignorant of history:
1. Divide the populace into cultural tribes;
2. Identify minority populations to scapegoat;
3. Demand absolute loyalty from your base and your underlings;
4. Rail against the „lying press“ and shut down media critics;
5. Create a false economy built on military production and cheap labor to decrease the unemployment rate;
6. Declare that you are the only one who can solve the problems that you have created;
7. Take absolute control over all branches of government, including the courts;
8. Foment ultra-nationalism and hatred for outsiders;
9. Promote the Aryan ideal to the exclusion of all others;
10. Threaten and prosecute your perceived enemies;
11. Surround yourself with very efficient and cruel ministers who will carry out your wishes effectively and without question;
13. Rule by executive fiat;
14. Outlaw labor unions;
15. Outlaw competing political parties;
16. Rely on slogans and symbols to appease the crowds;
17. Prosecute global foreign wars simultaneously;
18. Use brutal bullying tactics and thuggery to make people fall in line.
19. Institute a very effective domestic spying apparatus to identify and prosecute dissidents:
20. Employ Brownshirts and militias to control the masses;
21. Utilize state media to spread propaganda on a daily basis;
22. Lie so frequently and so outrageously that the lie becomes the truth.
23. Co-opt industrialists and oligarchs to finance your regime;
24. Manipulate the currency:
25. Repudiate political treaties and renege on trade deals;
26. Bully and threaten your neighbors if they don’t accede to your demands;
27. Expand prison camps to include children and migrants charged with minor misdemeanors;
28. Fire up the whites to hate the Jews and people of color.
29. Rig the elections to disenfranchise those who don’t support your position;
30. Outlaw all but the state press.

If you think this is a joke, or is hyperbolic, think again.“

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