Stand up – visible against Fascism!

First published by the James John Westcott House, London , England.

Let’s look into the past to weave peace now for the future in dialogue, reading, writing and listening:

Georg von Nessler is from an international family, who has had their own share of prosecution
and of the Holocaust. He has brought to life an ongoing dialogue through reading and discussing suffering and the triumph of the human Spirit in many multi-disciplinary events and exchanging.

The guests become friends and come from all walks of life, who have one thing in common:
They proactively further sustainable projects that range from environmentally friendly and sustainable policies and economical solutions, architectural visions of transforming old spaces available for a multitude of purposes that benefit the community, education, and social groups that
might otherwise be forgotten.

Integration, inclusion and barrier free communication are keywords that reflect Georg von Nessler generosity of spirit, his shared pain of the Holocaust and the ley lines of guilt and deep sorrow that run through so many families and generations.

His series „Lesung und Dialog“ [ Civil Courage – Reading and Dialogue ] is a much renowned and lively monthly event highlight in Leipzig, with plans also for a roadshow in London next year.