Advice : IHZT, WSH and associates to be representatives for cures and treatments in India.

Content outline of my talk to delegates of the IHMA ( Indian Homeopathic Medical Association ) at the 2. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in the International Hahnemann Zentrum, Torgau, given on 10th April 2019.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, honorable guests, I have the honour to adress you..

My name is Georg von Nessler . I was raised in 3 cultures, former professor for international marketing in tourism and marketing consultant with worldwide working experience for international corporations and governmental institutions.

1.I have set up the following suggestions and agenda, to be turned into action with partners in India and Germany.

2. Share my marketing experience for the promotion of homeopathy.
‎3. Let WSH in India be the exporting agent and the IHZT and associates in Torgau, the importing agent, ie selling in the demand market, here Germany, as a start, the services of homeopathy cures, treatments offered to clients coming in from Germany to qualified Indian partners for cures and treatment and staying there for a week or more in India.

3. I want to support and promote with my worldwide marketing experience, I was lucky to aquire, the exchange and indirect export of Indian curative knowledge and treatments in homeopathy.

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All this applies as well to services, as health services, here homeopathy cures in India!

Again …. provided by Indian homeopathy partners, like clinics and associated resorts, for Germans coming to India to be treated!

Let us start a new, innovative way to promote our common course, using our new website of the IHZT to set up healthcare tourism.

How? We should start to post offerings and profiles of eligible Indian partners taking part in the WSH and IHZT Iniativen.

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