Supporting Prof Dr G. Faltin’s testimonial, which I share, to have a cause.

After lately going deeper into Prof Dr Günter Faltin’s cosmos and having had a very fruitful private meeting, I feel urged, to referr, to relate to, further voices, strengthening the recommendation to have a cause.

Why is it that the technology industry invented the electronic book, and not the publishing industry? Because publishing thought they were in the book business, not the reading business. Why is it that the movie industry and the television industry didn’t invent Netflix? It’s because companies can be so preoccupied with protecting the status quo they don’t make these existential flexes until they’re forced to, and then they’re playing defense the entire time.“ [ 1 ]

This is as well my personal experience, having been consulting and convoying international corporations [ 4 ] and communities [ 4 ] , to more sustainable, decentralised, eg renewable, energy efficiency driven, [ 3 ] mindsets and development.

My cause here was and is, to have, thankfully standing on the shoulders of many reformers, partners [ 4 ] , the tremendous chance to contribute internationally to a more sustainable world, seeing early, eg the dangers of climate change. [ 4 ]

“ And finally, you have to have the courage to lead. That means the courage to say, “That’s bad for business, and I’m going to do it differently.” People may call you naïve and say you don’t understand the business. You may say they don’t understand the game they’re playing. That takes tremendous courage.“ [ 1 ]

To enable people of all kinds, to stand up, have sovereignty, courage and trust in their self-efficacy, not only in the above context, it is helpfull and valuable to listen to and start dialogues with the rebell Otto Herz. [ 5 ]

I, being a romantic optimist, thankfully close this post here. Let me remind you to start with a cause, take the chance to profit from the findings of the above and below listed reformers, read their literature, get in contact.

My further cause is that i believe that it is possible and necessary, by a international community of Davids, to be better than the Goliaths, the monopolies in search and retail trade. How? This by step by step setting up a grid, map of interconnected decentralised, uncensored shareing network of search engines, analog to eg Open Streetmap or Wikipedia, digital ecosystems and commons. [ 4 ] Join in, spread the vision, contribute Let it be our common, Gemeinwohl, cause. The Components [ 2 ] are available! Let us feel the feeling of togetherness – Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl in this common cause and will. Contact Georg von Nessler de Nesle via WhatsApp +49 157 38 295 296 or mail

[ 1 ] Simon Sinek

Video: TED Talk by Simon Sinek

[ 2 ] Professor Dr Günter Faltin, Berlin

Video: Wir sind das Kapital – Aufruf zu einer intelligenteren Ökonomie.

[ 3 ] Professor Dr Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker

Video: Vortrag zu Energiewende Siemens AG

[ 4 ] Georg von Nessler de Nesle

Video : Room-2-Move

[ 3 ] Dipl. Psychologe, Otto Herz

Video: Nicht unter-richten, sondern AUF-richten!