Setting up Crowd Searching : Market Mapping : Search Engines

The IP-Dialog Team is setting up an  Open invitation to help to draw a „market map“, a „knowledge map“ for orientation and awareness. Like the open source – open street map project. The map and market grid will be about the, for the time being, oligopolistic search engine market for internet and intranets.

Goal is to get more public attention and awareness of the implicit dangers of this kind of market patterns. We must ensure, within our information society „Netzneutralität“, open data and open access. Search Engines are key. To understand and to make it clear to others, we need a market map to show, who and where rules this market.

Draft – your contributions are most welcome :
The grid we start off are the demand, supply sides and reports about market patterns.

The steps we want to take are :
0.0  Search for individual and institutional ( as the German SuMa e.V.  ), academic and community partners,
NGO s to join in. Do you know potentional partners ? Suggest in our Group Discussion Forum

0.1. Setting up R & D partnerships, search for funding within the academia, industry and NGO s .
1. 0 Crowd Searching, Researching building up the Zotero Community Group Library :

2.0  Findings and decisions as to quality and quantity of facts and matters. This by Community Group
discussions in

3. 0 Crowd Publishing of a report

4.0  Crowd dissemination of the findings and the report

Interested to share, help , cooperate ? Just go on .. we do crowd searching.. welcome .

Your .. Our starting point

Georg von Nessler , Maintainer   Mail : Nessler  *@*
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Ein Gedanke zu „Setting up Crowd Searching : Market Mapping : Search Engines

  1. Yes .. we are at the starting point and I am very happy that, our first German member is
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Gradmann
    Präsident der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Informationswissenschaft und Informationspraxis ( DGI ) Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin School of Library and Information Science – MOST WELCOME

    Our first Canadian Member of our R&D Group is
    Aline Crédeville, Candidate au PhD (doctorat) à l’EBSI – Université de Montréal

    MOST WELCOME and that our first …..
    YES just recommend our group – SPREAD THE NEWS – WE START MAPPING to help others to have a better roadmap to free and open Knowledge Land.

    ( Sorry I am a economist, art historian and market barker for free access to all public information and knowledge – so if I bark too loud, just tell me. )

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