EU Program “Leonardo Da Vinci” – we took second intern.

Following the recent successful internship by Monika Morkowska, the IP-PartnerNet has decided to take a second intern as part of the EU “Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Quality Commitment Traineeships“

Gareth Enright an Irish Engineer joins IP-PartnerNet for the traineeship, here we give a profile of Gareth:

My name is Gareth Enright BSc (Hons) MIEI a Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager from Dublin, Ireland. I currently work in a large national acedemic hospital in Dublin as part of the Clinical Engineering team, I am also a member of the hospital Energy Management Committee. For the last 6 years I have worked in a variety of roles in the healthcare sector from Project Management, Construction, Facilities Management, Medical Physics and Clincial Engineering.

I am starting the final year of a Masters programme in Mechanical Engineering, prior to this I completed degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Electrical Services & Energy Management. I am hoping that the traineeship with IP-Building will build my confidence in conducting business using the German language as well as providing me with a network of contacts in Germany for future potential business opportunities in Ireland.

In addition I am looking forward to understanding the different & innovative ways of managing data and arranging project teams using the technologies provided by the host company. Mr. von Nessler has already introduced me to a variety of their very innovative and dynamic offerings such as SharePoint and Topic Server, I can already see the potential for these technologies in the Irish Market.

To assist in my learning objectives I will embark on a case study type learning approach. I have been tasked with creating a topic server using the companies technology platform for the German-Irish Chamber of Industry & Commerce. This system once complete will allow member companies more easily browse the products of members and show their own offerings in a much more dynamic fashon when compaired to traditional web based solutions.

For further information please feel free to contact me directly at: You may as well send me a mail to Gareth.Enright * @ * / / / /