Welcome to YOUR European Tourism Business Portal !

Welcome to YOUR European Tourism Business Portal – YOUR benefit – YOU paid  for it!
Think global – act local. Enjoy the lessons learned, the knowledge shared and the support granted. If you don´t understand the paper work, the forms to be filled in  – aske – insist.
It´s unbeliveable, check this e.g. in the SME transport industry , 390 million budget to support SME 365 million returned  because there have been no applications.
Here is your chance, being a hotel, a holiday resort or an agency, get together and improve your competitiveness, your quality, establish regional booking systems,  and your overall performance. Train and invest in people , send them, e.g. to the  Saxon University of Cooperative Education Breitenbrunn.  Get your tax back, apply for consulting and funds. Here, the first steps you could take :

The Tourism Business Portal offers contents that have been created specifically for European tourism companies, links to official websites and examples of good practices. These are provided with the objective of contributing to the improvement of the management of the tourism company.
Practical, up to date, free material that is accessible in various formats for easy consultation. “ Quelle: The Tourism Business Portal

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